Mission & Vision

  • To actively join hands with the Government of India and other Countries to promote Human Rights education and help legal, Social and economic discrimination against women and their exploitation in different ways.
  • To Spread the value education of equality as well as equity, International cooperation, Non-Violent Co-existence, Love, Peace, Justice and Fostering of Human rights for all.
  • To Initiate Job Oriented training(educational as well as Vocational) programs for poor section of society with a focus on women/girls and unemployed youth to better.

Vision Of The Organization

As we say one needs knowledge not struggle to avails the rights, SJFICRC & NACHRCOI is very clear with its vision that every citizen shall understand and easily avail their rights. For a better Nation, we need the best education in every possible field be it the studies or daily fundamentals, knowledge is the key to easier life.

Our Team

Our team is entirely volunteer-run. Our volunteers come from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, bound by their passion for human rights work. Social Justice For International Civil Rights Council regularly collaborates with (non-profit) organizations from all over the world, the platform remains independent and non-partisan.

Shri M Abdul Salam

National Chief Advisor Of SJFICRC & NACHRCOI

Shri Shankar Bidari M. IPS

Karnataka State President Of SJFICRC

Justice Chettur Sankaran Nair

Chief Patron

Interested ? Join The Organization

Join Us Do you want to see change in the society around yourself? Do you want to help improve the world around yourself? If yes, you can start by being a Social Justice For International Civil Rights Council (Protection of Human Rights)’s volunteer.. Our volunteers come from all walks of life.

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